Make Up – Why Buy the Good Stuff?

Reflections Salon sells a line of makeup called Beauty Addicts.  You can’t buy it in the drug store, it’s a bit more expensive than the local supermarket brand, and they don’t advertise it on television.  So, why do we carry it?  As an aesthetician, skin care is one of my areas of focus, and as such, I’m always researching new products and evaluating old ones.  The cosmetics we use make a large impact on the health of our skin, so it makes sense that we know what’s in our makeup.  The following is designed to clarify the differences between “professional grade” makeup and its less expensive counterpart.

Coverage:  The formulations in Beauty Addicts are designed to provide even coverage across the skin without caking or leaving bare spots. This reduces the need for excess makeup to be applied to ensure even coverage.

Ingredients:  Have you ever looked on the back of your mascara box to see what’s in it?  The adage “you get what you pay for” applies to cosmetics as well.  One of the benefits of the Beauty Addicts line of cosmetics is the fact that the people designing the product incorporate vitamins and minerals which the skin needs right into the product.  This costs a bit more to do, but the results are worth the extra cost.  We’ve seen countless people who have used the lower end products only to end up with a reaction to it.

Longevity:  There are plenty of articles which will tell you that lower quality brands look just as good as the higher end products, and at first glance, they may be right.  The differences start to become evident, however, as the day wears on.   Uneven coverage becomes more pronounced, the product breaks down faster, and the result is a need to reapply the product prematurely.

As you decide which cosmetic products you should use, it pays to do a little research.  Your skin is the largest organ you have, and as such it makes sense to take care of it in the best way possible.  This includes researching the products you treat your skin with.  We’d love to help you figure out a skin care regimen which best suits your skin type.

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